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The kingdom was saved from the evil dragon army, but the power of dragons still linger. They threaten the world with rising volcanos and terrible hurricanes! As the high court wizard, you must deal with this threat. But there is only one way to placate these powers that be: the noble pursuit of farming! Amass gold, crops and the dragon's favor to get a big score!

Farming & Dragons was made in 3 days for LOWREZJAM 2017.


  • 4 crops to plant!
  • Monsters to avoid, trick or kill!
  • Turn-based gameplay!
  • Realistic (enough) simulation of passing time!
  • Several weather types!
  • Colorful pixel graphics!
  • Music AND sound effects!

(Instructions below can also found in "CONTROLS.txt" inside the game folder)

Arrows = move
Z* = plant seed/drop bait
X/C = select items
Space = show/hide inventory
Mouse = use shop screen
Alt + Enter = toggle fullscreen
R = restart game
E = resize screen

*or Q/W/Ū for international keyboards


Make money, grow crops and gain the dragons' favor to get a big score!
You cannot lose in this game, but if you run out of energy then you have less energy to use the next day.

Plant seeds by selecting a seed packet and pressing Z when standing on a plot. Seeds will grow into crops as time passes. Different crops like different weather: veggies like the rain and fruits like the sun. Walk over a crop to collect it. At the end of the day, you can sell collected crops and buy new seeds.

There are two dragons that affect your humble farm: the rain dragon and the sun dragon. Each dragon has different likes and dislikes. For example, the sun dragon likes it when you kill pests, whereas the rain dragon likes more peaceful methods of disposial. When a dragon's favor is high, then you gain bonuses to crop growth speeds. When a dragon's favor is low, then hurricanes or volcanos can appear. These disasters ruin farm plots for a few days. Dragon favor is also added to your score at the end of the game.

You're not alone on your farm: little pests wander around and like to eat crops. If they wander over a crop, then say good bye to those potatoes! There are a few ways of getting rid of pests: drop bait and if they walk over it, then they will leave your farm content with their meal. If they eat a crop they will likewise disappear. If you bump into a pest, then the pest will die, but this costs you 1 energy. So be careful! Also if pests bump into each other they will eat eachother!

When you run out of energy or go home (walk on top of the house and press Z), the day will end and the shop will appear. The first line of icons shows things you can buy. The yellow text is the cost and the white text is how many you have in stock. The bottom line shows things you can sell. Again, the yellow text is the gold you get back and the white text is how many you have in stock.
Be sure to sell your crops before the end of the final day!

Art, Design & Coding - Cortop
Music - wyver9 (http://opengameart.org/users/wyver9)
SFX made with bfxr


farming and dragons jam ver.zip 3 MB

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