A downloadable game for Windows

A little gecko is lost in a big factory full of crazy robots! Can you help him escape?

Make your way to the exit to win the game!


GECKO OUT! was made in 2 days for the 2017 July Minimalist Jam. It's an arena shooter game. It plays a bit like a simple version of Smash TV.

WASD = move
Num Pad = bite
Arrows = bite
Space = pause game
M = mute/unmute music
Esc = quit game

- You can bite enemy projectiles to get rid of them.
- If you die then you will restart the stage. You cannot run out of lives, so just keep trying!
- The numpad lets you bite in 8 directions. Arrows only let you bite in 4 directions. Either control system is viable :)
- Collect the gold "P" to get a stronger bite! It only lasts for a while.

Art, Design, Music & Coding - Cortop
SFX made with BFXR (www.bfxr.net)
Music composed with Beepbox (beepbox.co)
Fonts - Pixel Mix (http://www.dafont.com/pixelmix...) and DreamCodex Micro (http://www.dreamcodex.com/font...)

- Sometimes the green skulls get stuck in walls. It's a very minor and 99% aesthetic problem, so I probably wont be fixing it.

Install instructions

Just unzip and run!


gecko out fixed.zip 2 MB

Development log

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