A downloadable game for Windows

Restore the monoliths and protect Friend. Do not die.

MONOLITH is an action/puzzle game. It was made in 2 days for the 23rd GM48 (Sacrifice).


To win you must send enough energy to the monolith. Only Friend can send energy and only if there is enough in reserve. Restore reserves by giving Friend gems.

If Friend is knocked down and then hit again, you will lose. Be sure to help Friend to stand up before that happens! You can also lose if you run out of HP.

You can bump into enemies to push them away. Every time you do this, your shield's energy will go down. If your shield is depleted, then enemies can hurt you. Friend can restore shield energy.

Arrows =Move

Z (hold) = Pick up gem/friend

X = Send energy to shield

C = Send energy to monolith

Space = Pause game

ESC = Exit game

Alt + Enter = Toggle full screen

If you run out of energy reserves, look for gems! If you can't see any, then don't worry: they periodically reappear.  

Bumping enemies is fun, but be careful not to push them into Friend!

Friend cannot be hurt while being carried. If you're in a tough spot, try picking up Friend and escaping to a safer area.

Friend cannot send energy when downed. Make sure you protect Friend!


Art, Music, Design & Coding by Cortop

SFX made with ChipTone (http://sfbgames.com/chiptone)

Music made with BeepBox (beepbox.co/)

Fonts by http://www.dreamcodex.com and http://www.dafont.com/pixelmix.font


MONOLITH gm48 ver.zip 3 MB

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