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The Yokai's Curse is a short game made for the 1st RPG Maker Game of the Month jam. This game is about exploring a town with little creatures and ghosts in order to rid yourself of a curse. It should take 30mins to 1hr to play. This is not a scary game, but the atmosphere is a little spooky, I guess.

If you get stuck, there is a walkthrough in the game folder.

Arrow keys = Move
Z = Talk/confirm
X = Menu/cancel
Shift = Run
F4 = Toggle fullscreen
F5 = Reset game


Graphics by
The Mighty Palm (message balloons)
Cortop (everything else)

Music by
Visager (visager.bandcamp.com/music)

SFX by
Sebastian Bender Music
and the many generous contributors of freesound.org:

Plugins by
Atreyo Ray
Fallen Angel Olivia
Mr. Trivel

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withRPG Maker
TagsCozy, Exploration, Ghosts, Halloween, Retro, RPG Maker, russian, Short, Spooky
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesEnglish, Russian
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)

Install instructions

Just unzip the file and open Game.exe to play!


The Yokais Curse ver 1.zip (Download this if you just want to play the game) 65 MB
Проклятие ёкая.rar (RUS translation) 55 MB
TheYokaisCurseProjectFiles.zip 6 MB

Development log


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i like your game

can i translate it into russian? please

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Sure! I'm flattered you would offer! Sorry for not getting back sooner, I haven't been doing much game dev lately, so I don't check my messages very often.

Anyway, I have updated the download section with the project files, which should make your life easier. Send me the translation when you're finished and I'll add it to the page.


okay, thank you!

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that's it, i just finished the translation and here's a link to the translated game: Проклятие ёкая

Neat. I'll give it a test and then add it to the game page. Thanks :D

Aaand added! From what I can tell your translation is great. Thanks again!


thank you, really!


I played this for my 31 Days of Spoops and it was such a lovely little find. It's short, sweet, and adorable!

Glad you enjoyed it!


A really smooth, chill, sweet little game! I had a lot of fun with it, despite being so short. ' v'

Thanks glad you liked it. i like making small games :)


I love your games soooooo muccchhhhh !!!!

Haha thank you!


Here you go I play fast!


What was this made in?

RPG Maker MV.


Huh. Looks pretty good ^^


This was very nice. I smiled at the end.

Thanks! Glad you had a nice time :D

im not done yet but i've run into a problom. Im not sure if it's just me but when i go to select an item, it won't work. I really like this game but I need to be able to select the item. Please help me.

You don't need to select items in the menu. It's just a list so you know what you're carrying. Thanks for trying my game btw.


Oh.. Thank you. Your wellcome for trying out your game.

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I really liked the story going on with this, I had no issues and no bugs while playing this. Took me a good 28 minutes to complete. 28 minutes well spent!

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked it!


Fun little project, I really like the visual and audio design, its simple, its clean and it pops. 

I did run into a weird glitch where sometimes the menu just stopped appearing but the sound effects for it would still play, im not sure if that was to do with one of the plugins or not. I kind of wish some of the maps linked up a little clearer as well, I got confused on the roof a couple times about where the transfers would take me.

Overall though I really liked this, very much the kind of little experience I enjoy and definitely impressive given the limited time put into it.

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Thank you! The menu was a bit rushed and I think it might be conflicting with another plugin. I hadn't seen that bug in testing, but the menu doesn't display quite as it's meant to, so I'm not surprised there's other problems, too. I'll probably fix it after the jam. The roof section was intended to be a bit more logical but... well, I got lazy when it came to actually drawing it out. I have no excuse lol. Anyway, glad you had a nice time!